What’s in a Home?

Let’s start this blog out by talking about the type of home you live in.

Does it really matter?

Yes and No.

You ever hear this: “Home is where your heart is” or “Home is where your story begins?”

Home doesn’t have to be any place but that which is in your heart.

When you are around things that remind you of home and make you feel that nice warm love from your childhood, you are likely HOME.

Because this blog is about Style and Fashions for the home, I will talk about those things but I want to make it clear that you don not have to have a FANCY home and a lot of money to be able to make a nice home for yourself.

Where ever you go, There you are.  That’s home.

Let your body be your soul’s home and love every minute of it.  Then surround that body with cool things.

They can be memorabilia from the beach ( I have a collection of corals, shells and sponges that I got from St. Lucia) on my dresser and it was absolutely free.  It didn’t cost a thing.

Perhaps my real fashion post will be about using Nature as your guide to home decorating!  That’s a really good one.

Nature has all the colors already figured out for us.  It’s so nice!

Since we are a huge part of nature, having the ability to make our home imitate nature inside is naturally pleasing to our internal /ancestral caveman or lady self.

I have friends who ride in limousines all the time (They are from North Richland HIlls) and they have a nicely decorated house.

I wouldn’t call it a home.

Even though they have a ton of cash and flaunt it daily, their decorations are shallow and hold very little meaning (other than to show off their money).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be flashy sometimes, but I know their back story…and it’s not a good one.

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Cutting Boards. Time to Cut the Ugly.

One thing that I can’t seem to get a control over in my life is cutting boards.

You know the culprits.

They sell those plastic multi colored ones that you are suppose to use for different pieces of food (meat, veges fruit…whatever) and I don’t know about you, but I hate the fact that it takes up MORE SPACE and I have to actually think about what color to use.

I want cooking (and cutting) to be simple.  I like to save my thinking in cooking for baking and decorating Christmas cookies.

Everyday cutting tasks in the Kitchen really shouldn’t have much though other than this:  FOOD NEED CUT.  GET KNIFE. GET BOARD. CUT FOOD. CLEAN BOARD.

Instead the world of plenty has offered us a slew of choices when it comes to cutting boards and really, I’ve had just about enough.

I’m now a huge fan for ONE CUTTING BOARD FOR ALL!

We all strive to be alike and buy spanx together and all want the same green in our lawn but we try to be diverse with cutting boards?  Why?

Here’s why I hate cutting board options:

  1.  Plastic Sheet Cutting “Boards” – They can go in the dishwasher, come in a multitude of colors and lay flat but they don’t dry on their own easy.  They cut easy so they don’t really last long if you use quality knives.  You risk damaging your counter-top using these bad boys.
  2. WOODEN or BAMBOO Cutting Boards –  Quiet and offering a totally different feel during the cut, you might actually think you haven’t cut something when in reality you just cut the living shit out of it.  I know…but it’s how I feel…so deal with it.  On top of that?  Those grooves you just etched into Mr. Bamboo Cutting Board?  Well now you have perfect little microscopic openings perfect for bacteria to house themselves inside.  Even better is the fact that when you “wash” these boards, you wet them and guess what wood can do?  Yes..it absorbs water…and guess what likes water?  LIFE…..not just bacteria….Fungus and Protists and plants…they all love wet dark little holes…..so NO…I’m not into wooden cutting anything.
  3. Plastic Cutting Boards –  These are a little more tolerable than the wood boards because you can bleach the crap out of them and know that they are likely clean.  The downside?   It’s plastic.  Little bits of plastic are bound to get into your food and knowing there is research out there stating that plastic is the cause of 2 year olds growing nipples early on and pubic hair before puberty….I’m just not so sure about plastic.
  4. Glass Cutting Boards – This solves the problem of the holes/tears/ and bits of plastic but introduces a whole new annoyance.   The LOUD ANNOYING sound when using glass.  To say that using a knife on a glass cutting board is incredulously aggravating to me is a very huge understatement.  I don’t’ know what it is…but I can not stand this about Glass Cutting Boards.  Take your solid Silica and put it else where please.

So if all these choices are somehow lacking to me, what do I do?

STONE –  Stone cutting boards like marble are still a bit soft, but they aren’t as loud as glass and they absorb the cutting sound of the knife.  They come in a variety of beautiful colors and I just have to tell you…..They are wonderful.


So..if you’re looking to end your obsessive quest for the perfect eye-pleasing cutting board, just cut to the chase and get yourself a good, quality stone cutting board.  Some people call them “cheese boards” or “cheese plates”.  I call them..”YES PLEASE” boards.


Thank me later.

Vases and Flowers.

tuelekzaWhen most people think of a vase, they think of those clear (cheap) ones you get from the Dollar Store or from a Flower Delivery service.

Generally they are tall, glass or ceramic and fairly boring.

Flowers alone do a great job of sprucing up your home décor and bringing a little of nature to inspire your home.

People generally notice a beautiful vase of flowers.

Although a fancy vase is not required, one can do wonders with a unique and inexpensive vase.

The flowers shown here adorn a beautiful mug!  The mug isn’t sold as a vase but as a home decorator, you are allowed to be creative and use containers, boxes and envelopes of any style for anything you want.

There is not cost that is appropriate to use when decorating your home.  It’s all about style.


If you find something that is a unique shape and you absolutely love it, buy it….even if it’s from the neighborhood rummage sale.

You can easily take that shape you love and spray paint it new, paint it new or just love it as is and give it some lovely flowers.

Heck, I ‘ve seen people use bedpans in some of the most unique ways to hold flowers and I have to tell you, once you get past the fact that it’s a bedpan…the visual is quite unique and eye  pleasing.

Anything can be used to hold nature’s bits and pieces.

Give it a try.  Find a unique container and fill it with some nature.  Find the perfect place in your home to display your new creative idea.   I usually place mine on my kitchen island so it’s the first thing I see when I walk in the house.

You don’t have to rich riding in limousines in North Richland. You don’t even have to buy flowers, if you talk a walk in the woods, you’ll be surprised at the unique things you can make a bouquet out of.

Have fun being home creative today!

Image courtesy of tuelekza via freedigitalphotos.net

Let’s talk Toilets. The untraditional PrettyHome thing.

Vichaya Kiatying-AngsuleeOk.  So maybe talking about a toilet wasn’t at the top of your list today but think about it….it’s the only seat in the bathroom and it’s probably the only seat in the house that gets more use by multiple people in one spot.

Some people nick name this necessity a throne. While I’m not willing to go that far (because toilets to me are just an unattractive necessity), I am willing to address the style/design of this bathroom chair in our homes.

The majority of us have a standard white toilet.  No interest, just bare and white.  It’s boring, takes up a tone of visual space and provides nothing of desire.

What are some things we can do to make our toilet an integral part of our bathroom decorating needs?

So let’s take a look at some alternatives…

gold toilet desinger toilet mouth urinal sink toilet

I have two favorites here. Clearly the mouth urinals are something that needs to be in everyone’s home.  Or if it’s not that…something interesting and unique.

My favorite practical…the sink toilet.  I’m kind of thinking “eww gross” about this but then I realize that the water from the tank is clean.

This is a great space saving idea and the toilet shape is mostly traditional but it’s a shot away from traditional so I’ll take it.

It’s hard to get away without have a white toilet.  Is there a law that says we can decorate our toilets?  I have a plan with sharpie for mine…I wonder if I can pull it off.

Start thinking today.  Give the toilet it’s due place in your DFW home.  There is big money in Texas and it’s about time we start giving toilets their fair share of home decorating idea credits!

I wonder what  a limousine would be like with a toilet!


I think I might take a brown sharpie to my toilet or maybe I’ll learn how to do this: blue toilet


Images courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee via freedigitalphotos.com


What is the first pretty thing you bought for your home?

tungphotoWhether you own your home or not, what is the first pretty thing you’ve ever bought to put in the environment that surrounds you at least 50% of the time. (I hope anyways)

Two things come to mind here.   The first one is what I put in my home when I stayed in the woods and slept in a cave.   Not kidding.

The cave was great!  Nice and warm with fire.

I happened upon a flat shelf fungi (large flat mushroom that grows off of decaying trees) and noticed that you can knock part of the exterior cells off to make dark tan illustrations.

So while I sat in my wood home, I created a little “Home Sweet Home” sign to commemorate my journey and sleeping in the cave that I was thankful to find in the middle of the winter.

To this day, I remember that fungal decoration.  It made the cave a home.  I should go back there and see if it is still there.  Probably not since it likely has decayed since then but I’d like to think that someone else has perhaps come upon the decoration and appreciated it while staying in the cave.

The Next decoration that comes to mind is my wooden board that says: “This is the best Life I’ve ever had”   It is a very small wooden sign that was painted blue and has white lettering.

Nothing fancy but incredibly memorable.


Because it reminds me on a daily basis of where I got it and why I got it.

I got it in Colorado.  At the time, I had just left a very mean fiance’ and had decided to change my life for the better by learning to love myself first before getting involved with another man who would likely abuse me.

When I say the small sign, I knew I had to buy it.

To this day, I am reminded daily that I am in CHARGE of my life.  I get to write my story and I get to make decisions of how I want to live.

I can ride around in a limousine all day if I want and work from inside.

I do not have to work in  boring or abusive job and I don’t have to live with an abusive person.  I don’t have to listen to the naysayers in the world because I’m too busy saying yes and trying everything and MAKING EVERY MOMENT COUNT.

So…That is what I put in my home.  Powerful.   Inspirational.   Empowering.   A good solid home decoration can be free.  You don’t have to pay anything for something that may remind you of the beautiful life you live everyday.

Just make sure you know why you are placing it in your home and give it a place of respect in your home.  Sometimes placement can be everything!

Anything can be pretty if you make it so in your mind.


image courtesy of tungphoto via freedigitalphotos.net